Men Know How to Love

Men Know How to Love

Οι Άνδρες Ξέρουν Ν'αγαπούν

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1h 26m 1971 HD

Watch men know how to love Fmovies. A delicious and understated countryman, Anna, leaves for the capital to study. He's hitchhiking on the motorway, and a business car, with a medical practitioner, stops to get it. The driver, named Fanis, is doing this job very much to take care of his seriously ill mother. Fanis gives her a place in his house to stay and, over time, falls in love with her, but family situations force Anna to abandon her studies. She returns to the village and marries her fellow villager, the Bargaining Barnabas. This, above all, has sent her father to the grave for unbearable debts. After his death and his mother, Fanis comes to the village and tries to persuade the girl to follow him to Athens, which is done with the mediator's help from the pope. Fanis promises to finish his studies and become the doctor of the village, to marry Anna naturally and to have children.

Men Know How to Love (1971)
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